Screen Replacement

iPhone screen replacement

Every iphone user can relate to the fact that buying an iphone is truly an investment but no one can really prevent accidents. Our experts understand that It requires a lot of patience and expertise while repairing an iphone. Damaged iphone screen is the most common problem that any user face. In order to regain the same quality experience on your device, we make sure that genuine original parts are used the service provided is the best in the industry.

Why choose Mr. Dweeb?

Mr. Dweeb is a london based that has great expertise in providing radical advice and precise services to the Apple products. In case of replacing a iphone screen, we take special care in ensuring that customer always gets his device back in the promised time.

  • We value your time
    We are the best place in London to bring your iphone if you want the quality service right on time. Our in house expert team of professionals make sure that your device gets best and essential service on time.
  • Quality service
    We know every ins and out of repair industry specifically in london. Our engineers are always thriving to develop innovative methods for iphone screen repair.
  • Customer satisfaction
    We believe our customers are our asset. That’s why we always make sure that the  customer gets satisfied every time he come to us for any kind of problems.