Screen Repair

Macbook Pro/Air/iMac Screen Repair

If you own a Macbook Pro/Air or iMac and accidently break the screen or it gets damaged due to some reason, do not panic! You may feel that you will have to now spend a lot of money for getting the cracked screen repaired. But, the thing is the other way round. We, at Mr. Dweeb provide cheap Macbook screen repair solutions in London.

Macbook Pro, Air and iMac have different screen sizes and our technicians are always ready with the knowledge of fixing them. We store all the necessary parts and equipments for fixing your Mac screen. You do not have to worry about the quality as we assure the best cracked screen repair service in London.

No matter what is the nature of the damage, just bring it to us! The screen damage can be due to-

  • Dropping of the device
  • Rolling on top of it by mistake
  • Spill damage

Our technicians will have a look at the issue and come up with the repair solution and the budget. If you agree to it, we will get it fixed in a given time frame. Price starts from £180.

Your Macbook Pro or iMac’s may get cracked or after using for a long time can become distorted or develop dead pixels. This requires expert attention and you can completely trust our certified experts to replace the screen and make it work like before in a given time at our cheap screen repair store in London.