Company Policy for customers

  1. We are committed to dealing with all customers fairly and impartially and to providing a high standard of service.  As part of this service we do not normally limit the contact customers have with us.  However we do not expect our staff to tolerate behavior by customers which is clearly unacceptable (e.g. abusive, offensive or threatening) and may take action to protect our staff from that behavior.
  1. When we consider that a customer’s behavior is unacceptable we will tell them why that is so and will ask them to change it.  If the unacceptable behavior continues, we will take action to restrict the customer’s contact with us and you will be asked to leave.
  1. If you are not happy with your repair or staff member for any valid reason please email us at where one of the managers or team leaders will contact you within 24 hours. Please make sure you bring proof of purchase or repair otherwise we will not be able to help.
  1. Please take time reading the terms and conditions on the repair form before signing so that you are aware of our terms.
  1. All items have been tested physically and functionally and is fit for purpose. We don’t offer any refund if the item you purchased is no good to you any longer. If the item is faulty and was not caused by the customer then we will be happy to exchange or give you a gift note upon our investigation. All purchases will require proof of receipt otherwise we will not be able to help. You will have 28 days of the receipt to make a claim.
  1. Regarding LCD replacement on Phones all LCD touch and Screen have been tested. If you have a issue with the touch after our repair you have 28 days to bring the device back provided that you have not cracked the screen as we will have the right to refuse any returns as this is not covered under the 28 day warranty.
  1. Any items purchased within our store can be returned if faulty and replaced we don’t offer refund
  1. Mr Dweeb will not be responsible for any loss of data or apps during our repair. Customer will be responsible for backing up their own data.
  1. We will not fix anything else only what is specified within “what is the issue” If we find other issues relating to your device we will contact you immediately to notify you with other issue/s relating to your item we find during diagnostics.
  1. A separate cost will be incurred for other fixes we may find. We hold no responsibility if your device does not turn on after our repair, as we are dealing with electronic devices.
  1. Regarding backup we can’t backup emails or programs during this service.
  1. It is the customer’s responsibility to take time to read and sign this T & C not the responsibility of Mr Dweeb to explain it.
  1. The duration we have to repair could range from 24 hours to 4 weeks depending on how complicated the repair is. If we do find out the issue and you don’t want it repaired the Priority payment is not refundable with the diagnostics cost. The Priority and diagnostic is non refundable as we will be spending time on your device. The priority will be added on top of the repair cost. 28 day warranty will be granted to the customer for the repair we carried out.
  1. If you don’t pick up your repaired device from our store within 1 month of this repair form dated above then we will have full rights to recycle your device without your consent.

15.  Regarding Screen repair: If you have smashed screen is does not mean that you just need a screen replacement the physical logic board may also need to be repaired or replaced due to the impact of the damage. A separate charge will be added onto this if you wish to proceed. The reason behind this is when we insert the new LCD the connectors may refuse connection onto the logic board.

16. Regarding all warranty for our repairs if you decide to take your device to a third party company that is not associated with Mr dweeb your warranty will be voided automatically.

17. mr dweeb is trading name TA Repair Ltd is the company registered business.